Have fun in Malta and Gozo during your holidays



Malta offers a great variety of fun and exciting leisure activities that you can experience during your vacation. There is nothing stopping you creating good memories, no matter your age. Here is a description of some activities to help you discover better the Maltese Islands.

If you want to get a real taste of Maltese culture and history, then you should definitely visit Mdina and Valletta – the capital city. Valletta’s architecture consists of buildings from the 16th century onwards. Among the numerous museums found in the city, you can also visit the beautiful St.John’s Co-Cathedral. It was built by the Knights of Malta and is considered one of the most exceptional examples of High Baroque architecture in Europe.

Mdina was the old capital of Malta and is now known as “The Silent City”. It is a medieval walled city and has a population of around 300 people. Mdina is a beautiful place to discover Maltese history while engaging in activities such as a ‘Treasure hunt’.

The wonderful island of Comino is perfect for a one day excursion. If you want to experience the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean, there are daily excursions by boat to the island where the possibilities are unlimited. There are various water sports such as scuba diving or snorkelling, climbing in various places, visiting the Santa Maria caves, and swimming at the Blue Lagoon. If you love adventure and want to try something more exciting, these are the activities for you.

Music fans can enjoy the annual Isle of MTV organized in Valletta, which attracts approximately 50,000 people each summer in July. If you want to be part of this one time experience and listen to live performances then you must visit Malta this summer.

The Splash & Fun Water Park is the ideal place for family activities in Malta. It is a large water park consisting of water slides, swimming pools, a large wave pool and a beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea. There are various activities organized during the day for all family members.

Besides all these activities you can also try canoeing or horse-riding, or take country walks. Due to Malta’s mild climate, you can enjoy all these outdoor activities and water sports. The aim, after all, is to enjoy your holiday, so you can either have a relaxing dinner, enjoy the Maltese nightlife, or take a stroll by the sea. In Malta there is always something happening, so make sure that whatever you choose, you will enjoy it to the full.


In the Maltese Islands, you are surrounded by history, no matter the place you visit. You can experience Malta’s rich history when walking along the beautiful streets of Valletta and Mdina, visiting the megalithic temples, forts, churches, museums, or the underground catacombs.

In the capital city of Valletta, you will always find a way of discovering Malta’s history. The National Museum of Archaeology, for example, is frequently visited by tourists and has an exceptional collection of prehistoric artefacts. While exploring Valletta, you must visit St. John’s Co-Cathedral. It was built in the 16th century and its interior decoration is remarkable. Inside the Cathedral you will find the painting ‘The Beheading of St John the Baptist’, the only signed painting of the famous Italian painter, Caravaggio.

If you love history and want to know more about Malta’s experiences during World War II, you can visit the Malta at War Museum. It is located in the city of Vittoriosa – one of the Three Cities of Malta. The museums offer visitors a better understanding of how Malta functioned during this period and the experiences of the local population. There is also the opportunity to visit a subterranean bomb shelter.

A combined visit to Mdina and Rabat should definitely be part of your holiday schedule. In the beautiful city of Mdina you can admire the medieval and Baroque architecture, visit St. Paul’s Cathedral and view the best panorama of Malta from the city’s bastions. The narrow streets of old Rabat, together with a visit to the parish church of St. Paul and St. Agatha’s Catacombs would be the ideal way to end the day. But before that, don’t forget to enjoy eating some traditional ‘pastizzi’.

If you are more interested in the prehistoric period, you will be happy to know that you can visit some of the temples of Malta and Gozo. Among these is the Hagar Qim Temple, located in Qrendi. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the Megalithic temples of Malta. The temples date back to between 3600 BC and 3200 BC. The surrounding landscape is impressive in its isolation and you will be close to another interesting temple site called Mnajdra.

Another unique monument to visit is the Hypogeum, located in Paola. The subterranean structure dates back to between 3300-3000 BC and is the only known prehistoric underground temple in the world. It was accidentally discovered in 1902 and tourists can now visit the halls and chambers after an introductory exhibition.

There is so much more of Malta’s history to be discovered and no matter which activity you choose for the day, you will still be able to learn something new about the Maltese Islands. Just remember that while you are in Malta, your choices are unlimited.

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