Malta as an English speaking country


The Maltese Islands are beautifully located in the heart of the Mediterranean. Situated between Europe and Africa, the Maltese Archipelago has two official languages: Maltese and English. While the locals communicate in Maltese, 88% of them also speak English. English is taught in schools from an early age and parents encourage their children to communicate in English.

In 1936, Maltese and English were declared the two official languages of Malta. Therefore, English is the only other official language of the country. This is why Malta is the only English-speaking country in the Mediterranean.Some interesting facts about Malta are the following:

Some interesting facts about Malta are the following:

  • a large majority of the Maltese population prefer to read in English;
  • newspapers written in English and Maltese are published in equal numbers;
  • approximately 20% of tourists choosing Malta are doing so because English language is spoken widely;
  • English language schools attract 80,000 international students to Malta each year.

Malta is the best place to learn English while having fun in the process. Enthusiastic learners can enjoy beautiful sandy beaches, nightclubs, heritage sites, cultural attractions, and an international experience while studying in Malta. The island offers high quality “English as a Foreign Language Schools” and they are offering special programmes for specific purposes. Business English is one important programme for business clients. Usually the language learning process is combined with various activities around the island. This aims at improving the students’ learning skills while getting to know the Maltese Islands.

Malta is very popular for European students and its reputation as a study destination is rapidly increasing in other countries. More and more students from Japan and Russia are joining other international students studying English in Malta. The best thing about studying English in Malta is that you will always be able to practise what you have learned no matter when or with whom. This is an opportunity to combine a memorable holiday in Malta with an English language course.

Because Malta is an English-speaking country, tourists find the island more accessible and easier to travel around. Maltese people are very welcoming, especially because they can converse in English, Italian, or French. They offer an international experience to all visitors to Malta and Gozo.

If you want to have a different kind of holiday, but still enjoy the sun and sea elements of a vacation, then Malta is the ideal choice for you. This is the place where you can create a memorable holiday with your friends and family, combine an English language course with your vacation, or simply experience the Maltese culture.

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