General English 20 + Private BE / ESP 10

Combi courses are ideal for those students who would like to combine two different courses, such as General English and Business English for work purposes or a group course plus one-to-one learning to focus on their own specific language needs, such as extra work on their grammar or conversational skills.

Additional private lessons may also be booked with combi courses.

General English 20 + Private BE / ESP 10 1-7 weeks

Duration: 1-7 weeks
Ages: 21 yrs+ | Lessons per Week: 30 | Level: Elementary + | Class Size: 10/1

Fees 2021:

Summer (): €685 /week
Other dates: €500 /week

Fees 2022:

Summer (): €720 /week
Other dates: €525 /week

Olga Taranenko, Russia

I am from Russia. I can here for study English for 8 weeks. I have studied in Marylou’s class elementary level, she was very good teacher. After several weeks I had step to level moves to Paul’s class. Now I stay in Paul’s class and very happy.