General English 20

This course aims at developing general English skills needed by students for everyday situations, for work, study or travel. Grammar and language structure, speaking and listening, reading and writing, vocabulary and conversational skills are the key elements that make up this very popular course.

Interactive whiteboards are used throughout this course, bringing the fun back into learning. Specially designed digital i-Pack course material suitable for interactive whiteboards are prepared for this course, planned around relevant topics, exercises, images and instantly downloadable ‘real life’ video clips. 

What's included

  • Welcome pack
  • Student Handbook
  • Student Map
  • Student Card
  • GV Malta School File, Notepad & Pen
  • First day orientation with welcome drink
  • Welcome afternoon / evening
  • Course Material (Photocopies)
  • Use of interactive whiteboards
  • Use of self-study area
  • Access to internet café
  • Free WIFI
  • Daily Homework
  • Monthly Test where applicable
  • Exam practice test where applicable
  • Cetificate of Course Completion

Timetable 09:00 –10:30 (break) 11:00 – 12:30

Academic Year Option (20 + weeks)
Academic Year offers students the opportunity to increase their confidence on all areas of the English language by choosing General English for a minimum of 20 weeks. Academic Year is steadily becoming a more popular option and is the most value for money course.


General English 20 1-7 weeks

Duration: 1-7 weeks
Ages: 18 yrs+ | Lessons per Week: 20 | Level: Elementary + | Class Size: 10

Fees 2018:

Summer (25th June - 17th August): €250 /week
Other dates: €165 /week

Fees 2019:

General English 20 8+ weeks

Duration: 8+ weeks
Ages: 18 yrs+ | Lessons per Week: 20 | Level: Elementary + | Class Size: 10

Fees 2018:

Summer (25th June - 17th August): €135 /week
Other dates: €135 /week

Fees 2019:

Gerhard Wolf, Germany

It’s my fifth time at GV Malta.

Why do I keep coming back?

The answer is quite simple. Every time I study here I find a lot of support from administration.They help me to find a course that is suitable for my needs. There is flexibility at GV Malta, I feel very comfortable during each visit to know that I can choose additional lessons or change courses during my stay. I have studied General English, Business English, Conversation English and had private lessons with various teachers. My teachers at GV Malta are always well prepared, very friendly and professionnal.
During every private lesson, I can opt to cover subjects that are important for me or related to my profession. The school is equipped with up-to-date technology.
The school organizes various activities both during the week and at the weekend, namely cultural and sociable.

The atmosphere at GV Malta is family-friendly and very welcoming. Everyone gets to know each other. This medium-sized school is located near the see and close to all amenities. I have met so many interesting people from so many different countries and this was a great experience for me. I'm still in touch with a good number of these students.
I feel I have to say thank to all GV Malta students and staff for this great experience.