Young Learners Club (YLC) 4-11 Yrs

Increase confidence in all areas of the English language
Young Learners Club, consisting of 23.5 lessons (17.5 hours) per week, is a fun course emphasising spoken and communicative activities.

Students work on projects and posters, display their own handcrafts, take part in role plays, and produce/ listen to stories.  Lessons are built around exciting themes, where a different topic is presented each day to introduce new vocabulary, using everyday English, improve their pronunciation and basic grammar.  These lessons can also include reading and writing exercises depending on student ages and skills.

Interactive Whiteboards are used to inspire and engage the students with their teacher and peers, while exploring the English language.

This is a truly effective and fun way to learn English. 

What's Included

  • Welcome Pack
  • Student Handbook
  • Student Map
  • Student Card
  • First Day orientation with welcome drink
  • Welcome afternoon / evening
  • Course Material (Photocopies)
  • Use of interactive whiteboards
  • Use of self-study area
  • Access to internet café
  • Free WIFI
  • GV Malta School File, Notepad & Pen
  • Certificate of Course Completion


Young Learners Club (YLC) 4-11 Yrs

Ages: 4-11 yrs | Lessons per Week: 23.5 | Level: Multilevel | Class Size: 10

Fees 2017:

Summer (27th June - 26th August): €250 /week
Other dates: €195 /week

Fees 2018:

Summer (25th June - 24th August): €250 /week
Other dates: €195 /week

Enrique Villatoro & Family, Spain

We have been in GVMalta for 3 weeks and it has been interesting to mix, to study English and to be on holidays all family together. It was funny to come together every morning to school and to meet us in the break. The children laughed when we said that we have homework also.