Pre-Teens Club (PT) 7 -11 Yrs

Our bright and colourful Child Activity Centre, set-up with pictures, charts and a ‘school shop’, provides a stimulating background for our Pre-Teens to work on projects and posters, display their own handcrafts, take part in role plays, sing songs and listen to stories. These activities are used to introduce new vocabulary, everyday English, proper pronunciation and basic grammar all of which help to develop speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in English.
Interactive whiteboards and resources specifically designed for this age group are used to engage the students, interact with their teacher and peers and explore the English language.

Pre-Teens Club (PT) 7 -11 Yrs

Ages: 7-11 yrs | Lessons per Week: 23.5 | Level: Multilevel | Class Size: 10

Fees 2017:

Summer (24th June - 27th August): €250 /week
Other dates: €195 /week

Fees 2018:

Daniel Perrin, Professor of Applied Linguistics, Zurich ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences School of Applied Linguistics IAM Institute of Applied Media Studi, Switzerland

Thanks to the well-designed GVMalta course program, we were able to combine exciting family holidays with highly effective English training for the four of us.